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Some are equating the flipped classroom with online video. This is a mistake. See, for example, the post "The Flipped Class: Myth vs. Reality" — the flipped class is NOT a synonym for online videos and it is not about replacing teachers with video. In fact, the key of a successful flipped class is the face-to-face interactions in class.  As seen in this video about Prof. Eric Mazur's peer instruction methods, he can implement a flipped classroom without any mention of online video. It is true, however, that one of the recent drivers for the flipped classroom is the prevalence of online video, and more student access to technology. The media has placed huge attention on Khan Academy, and this has confused some to believe Khan is synonym with flipped. No! The activities designed for in-class work are the key, engaging all the senses, allowing students to form ideas on their own and to clear misconceptions. For a lot more related links, see my Flipped Classroom Pinterest board.
"You can forget facts, but you cannot forget understanding" —Eric Mazur.
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