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Additional Resources for you to Explore

Interested in how much empathy and understanding you have?  Take this quiz and get some idea of how insightful you are in interpreting human expression!   How did you do? Then, take a look at how to cultivate empathy at the Berkeley Greater Good website.  Need some "empathy exercise?"  Visit this site, and read the scenarios and imagine how you would respond!

Thinking about the difference between sympathy and empathy can be a bit confusing.  Try reading," Empathy Vs. Sympathy" to gain a bit more background about the difference between  these two terms.  Could having  a baby visit your classroom several times in a year teach you empathy?  See what happened in some classrooms in Washington, D.C when this really occurred! Then, just for fun, watch this Sesame Street video on empathy.  

Wondering how you can learn to be more empathetic?  Read,"Six Habits of Highly Empathetic People," and get started.  Remember it takes work and practice but the results will be worth it! This TEDx video:  The power of empathy will provide lots of information into this topic! Could putting yourself in someone else's shoes lead to less conflict?  This TED Talk :  A radical experiment in empathy, may just answer that question!

Finally, watch Bill and Melinda Gates 2014 Stanford Commencement Address on changing the world with optimism and empathy.