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Additional Resources for you to Explore
Webinar slides

Participants would benefit from exploring Laura Terrill’s Wikispaces for presentations as there are many resources available to teachers for unit, lesson, rubric and IPA models.

Participants may also want to purchase the ebook to better understand how to build an IPA and design meaningful assessments to measure growth in proficiency: The Keys to Planning for Learning by Donna Clementi and Laura Terrill. 

Explore resources for teaching and learning on Greg Duncan’s Wikispaces to learn about setting learning targets, building thematic units and performance-based assessment tasks.

Explore the Path to Proficiency website and blogs to reflect on how educators are planning, teaching and assessing for proficiency

Visit OFLA’s site to see samples of IPAs

Check the Standards-based Unit Template by Clementi and Terrill

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Leslie Grahn:
Laura Terrill:
Catherine Ritz:
Lea Graner Kennedy: