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The video is about a men called Chris Lonsdales who said that is possible speak any language in only six months.
He used many ways for learning, for example in the school, then when he was a Young he used Hypnopaedia (sleep while you learning), it was a good idea but the Hypnopaedia did open the doors to research to another areas, then he was involved for the exciting world of Psychology.
In 1991 he traveled to China only with first level of Chinese and he noticed that the people of other countries even when they has years living in China and he was asked himself, How can learn a new language quickly and easily? but he said that is important to know that anyone can learn a second language in six months.
If you use 5 principles and 7 actions and leave behind two things that really don´t matter like talent and immersion in some country, but the principles and the actions will help you to pay attention to the relevance information that helps to learning, use your new language every day then you will understand the message and so you acquire the language training, listen a lot, using body language so, you will can understand better in a few months.