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Stress Management Strategies: Ways to Unwind

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Coping and Managing Stress
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Coping With Stress

Whether it is getting to work on time, a big conference coming up, meeting a deadline or trying to quiet down a crying baby, stress is entrenched in our day to day activities. Most of the time, the source of it can neither be prevented nor avoided as it is a part of our daily lives. However, in order not to fall into a dark state of oblivion, we must learn how to cope with stress.

Some things need to be understand about stress before you are able to beat it. First you have to find the underlying source of the stress, take action, de-stress and finally, accept the situation.

Source of the Stress

It is important to look into the source that is causing the stress, this is important because more often than not, we tend to overlook the source.

One of the biggest stress factors in everyone’s life is finances, I personally saw this when my brother went through a very difficult time in his life. In 2013 he was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him seriously injured and unable to work, pay his bills and operate from day to day. As he was fighting through litigation and insurance company’s policies, PreSettlement Solutions stepped in and gave a helping hand. After reviewing his case they were able to get an advance of funds to him. With that help my brother was able to fund his case, pay his bills and concentrate on what really mattered, recuperating.

Taking the Right Action

Sometimes we can take corrective actions in order to reduce, eliminate, or learn to cope with stress. Let’s say that the underlying cause of stress is not getting along with a family member. This can be corrected by communication, as well as expression of gratitude and love. Likewise, if someone is getting stressed about meeting a deadline, the right action is to start early and work through the task consistently. However, there are times when the cause of the stress is such that it cannot be reduced or eliminated by taking an action, the best way to deal with this kind of stress is learn to be able to accept it for what it is.


There is an immeasurable amount of methods of one to rid him or herself of incessant worry. Depending upon individual personalities, coping with stress can come in different ways, to say the least.

For instance when I am frustrated with work, involved in a disagreement with a friend, I go take a walk. Afterwards, I notice that all my ire, vexation and pessimism has dissipated. Some individuals find working out, doing yoga, going for a walk, listening to music, praying or even meditation as means of coping with stress. As stated above, nearly any activity (depending on the individual) are methods of managing tension. Whether it is capitulating to a particular creed or faith, or merely engaging in conversation with one who is dear to you; the means of handling your anxieties are infinite.

Accepting the Situation

The ultimate action is to accept the circumstance, breathe and let go. Big or small, we must realize that it’s just life, and it will go on. Life never comes to us as a perfectly wrapped gift, we must take from all situations, and learn to see the best in them, and learn to live with it.

Although this may seem as if one is succumbing to a notion rather than actually contending with the situation. One must comprehend that stress is universal and ingrained within our everyday activities. Moreover, by acknowledging your circumstance, it has less authority over you, for one is then able to conquer what ails them.

I created this lesson to help people combat their stress. Coming from a career field were stress was an everyday occurrence, we had to learn to cope and push forward, lives were on the line.   I know there will be days when it all seems to much to bear, however on those days take a good hard look at what is causing that stress, find it, accept it and keep calm. 

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