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Here are the Grammar Game Questions again. See if you understand what your mistakes are. Let's discuss those in our follow-up iChat.

1.  Mengli _______ to this programme daily.
A)  listens                 B)  is listening
C)  listened               D)  has listened 

2.  She told me his name after he _______ the room
A)  left                        B)  had left
C)  was leaving          D)  has left

3.  We _______ her, but she refuses to believe us.
A)  warned                  B)  had warned
C)  have warned         D)  was warning

4.  We hope that the good weather _______ till tomorrow.
A)  has continued        B)  continue
C)  will continue           D)  has been continuing

5. A _______ is needed to sell food.
A)  licence                   B)  license
C)  licensing                D)  licenses

6. They find the movie _______.
A)  offensive               B)  offence
C)  offended              D)  offend

7. This place is filled with beauty and _______.
A)  splendid               B)  splendour
C)  splendidly            D)  -

8. The seeds _______ for the new growing season.
A)  has been sowed   B)  have been sown
C)  have sowed          D)  have sown

9. Mrs Nathan, like Mr Nathan, _______ washing the car.
A)  hate                      B)  were hating
C)  are hating            D)  hates

10. Each of the students _______ four exercise books.
A)  need                    B)  are needing
C)  needs                  D)  have needed

11. She may _______ you if you ask her politely.
A)  helped                 B)  helps
C)  helping                D)  help

12. The maid saw the boy ________ the vase.
A)  broke                   B)  break
C)  broken                 D)  breaks
13. He ordered the naughty girl to _______ shouting.
A)  stopped              B)  stops
C)  stop                    D)  have stopped

14.  The police is _______ the matter.
A)   looking into       B)  looking at
C)   looking for        D)  looking with

15. The _______ boy cried bitterly when he realised he was lost.
A)  two year old      B)  two-year old
C)  two-year-old     D)  two year-old

16. Su-ching met _______ European man at the park.
A)  an                      B)  the 
C)  some                 D)  a

17. _______ failing several times, Sarah refused to give up.
A)  In spite              B)  Although
C)  Despite             D)  However

18. He told the girl to return the book _______ .
A)  yesterday          B)  the next day
C)  now                   D)  today

19. Pineapples _______ every year.
A)  harvested          B)  harvest
C)  are harvested    D)  were harvested

20. He deserves a better reward, _______ he?
A)  didn't                B)  don't
C)  does                 D)  doesn't
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