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What is a Podcast?

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Video from Digital Learning at Grant Wood AEA YouTube Channel

Let’s Begin…

The word Podcast from the word iPod, means I Play On Demand, and Broadcast. It is an episodic series of audio files, anything from professional radioshows, chapters of a book converted to a podcast, to a series of recording you can do yourself and share directly or via podcast platforms. WATCH the tutorial video, then go to the sections THINK, DIG DEEPER and DISCUSS to learn, try and reflect! 
Additional Resources for you to Explore
Have you explored some of the interesting podcasts out there?  Here you find some of Digoshen's recommended business podcasts for inspiration  

Did you know that you can find and listen to podcasts via apps as Overcast, PocketCast or DownCast? These share podcasts from more sources than the proprietary platforms like iTunes, Acast, Soundcloud etc. The apps are normally free if you use the from your mobile (and we are not affiliated to any of them). 
You can find podcasts, organise to have them in collections and much more - go check them out!   

Find more business podcasts within topics as digital disruption, board work, innovation, leadership, sustainability, engaging employee, entrepreneurship & startups here  

Podcasts are one of the inspiration sources for us at Digoshen, where we work with to guide leaders to Sense at Scale, Involve to Innovate and Align the Actions. We do it because we want to amplify the voices of the purpose-driven leaders needed to unleash the ocean of digital business opportunities needed to create a better world.

If you have any recommendations for other podcasts - do reach out to us at
Or maybe let us know which one is your favourite? 
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1. Which is your favourite app when exploring and listening to Podcasts?  - PocketCast, OverCast or?  2. Which are some of your favourite Podcasts? Why? 3. Which topic do you miss Podcasts about? What topic could you consider to produce? 
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