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Additional Resources for you to Explore

A superb resource for all things related to learning exceptionalities is  This website, associated with the National Centre for Learning Disabilities offers a vast wealth of resources like checklists, informative articles, discussion forums, webinars, and useful articles on a vast array of topics. 

Many researchers now believe that any child with ADHD or a learning disability struggles, to some extent, with executive functioning. Amanda Morin's article is a great place to begin understanding the issues students often have with executive functioning.

What are some overarching strategies that educators can implement into their classrooms that can help students who struggle with executive functioning? 

What is it like to be a kid with executive functioning challenges? Here is a great visual that will help parents and educators understand just how vital executive functioning is in every aspect of a child's life. 

Checklists are often very useful tools for a student with executive functioning issues. Here is a collection of checklists (and a calender) that a parent or educator could download and print. 

The video for this lesson touches upon the topic of Toxic Stress and how the prevalence of it in a child's life can effect their executive functioning and ability to learn. 

How does toxic stress effect a child's mental and physical health in the long term? View Nadine Burke Harris' How childhood trauma effects health across a lifetime
Although parents and educators often find raising or working with a child with executive functioning issues challenging, let's not be so quick to dismiss difficulties with these skills as mere absentmindedness or lack of awareness. Let's remember to place the needs of the child forefront in our minds.  

To that end, it would serve us well to use the principles of universal design coupled with a stronger understanding of brain development to guide our  responses both towards our own children who struggle with executive functioning and our students. 

Here is an excellent look into the workings of the adolescent brain and an entire playlist that will enable you to dive deeply into the intricacies of the brain

What can you now do in your home or in your classroom that will enable a child with executive functioning issues to get organized, experience success and fulfill their potential?