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Additional Resources for you to Explore
After the video introduction, you see that being able to hear and think about multiple perspectives makes being diverse and becoming a global citizen possible. Below are resources which focus on spending energy becoming more globally focused. Choose two to investigate. Then, answer the prompts in the discussion. While investigating your choices, some questions to consider: 1. Do these goals/standards correlate with the idea that global citizens look past labels to causes and ideas? 2. What would be a struggle or a consideration when using these goals/standards to inform your ideas and opinions moving forward as a global citizen? 3. How do these goals/standards compliment or contradict your current ideas on global citizenship? The 2016 ISTE Standards for Students : These standards are what students in schools should be using to guide their inquiry and research work as well as their technology skills. Think back to the video, and then look at the standards and indicators.  The UN Sustainable Development Goals : These 17 goals are created by the UN to help every nation build a more global community in each country. These goals are not created based on a specific country, rather ideal goals which EVERY country should follow.  UNESCO Global Citizen Education : This website focuses more on education than just global citizenship goals. This site has tools and resources to teach about global citizenship.