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In class discussion:
(Please come prepared to discuss the following questions in class)

This is a painting called "The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, an expressionist painter.
(Expressionist painters are part of an art movement called Expressionism. This means that the painter uses Elements of Art/Design to create a sense of the place. It might not be an accurate nor realistic painting, but it captures the atmosphere of the scene.)

1. What do you see in this painting?
2. What Elements of Art/ Design do you see in this painting?
3. Why do you think Van Gogh painted a starry night in this manner? What is he trying to show about the night?
4. How does he use the Elements of Art/Design to create such a scene?

Read up more about this artwork.
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Line, shape, space, form, value, colour and texture: Which of these do you think is more powerful when used in Packaging Design?
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