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Your Challenge: Our time is limited, so sometimes you have to limit your time. Every person has a fixed amount of time per week – 168 hours.  Most of the time we don’t realize how we use this time and where all our time goes.   Consider how your time you use each week. Write down your week schedule planner to map out what your next week looks like. You will want to fill in class time (lecture, labs, etc), reading, homework, part-time job hours, social events, sleep, and just hanging out. To get a more accurate estimate, you might keep track of how you spend your time for a week by jotting it down in your planner or on a calendar.  Take a look at your planner, mobile calendar or schedule. Estimate the amount of time spent on each item or activity listed below.  Once you have this amount, multiply it by seven.  This will give you the total time spent on the activity in one week.  After each item’s weekly time has been calculated, add all these times for the grand total.  Subtract this from 168, the total possible hours per week.   168 Hours in 1 Week [Feel free to add to this list for other activities]
Eat: Sleep: In Class: Job/Work: Homework: Commute: Social Activities: On the Web: Other: Now that you see where your time goes, please show this graphically in a pie chart or another vidual infographic to demonstrate your time use. Here are some online tools: 
Take Back Your Calendar With Defensive Scheduling TO BLOG: Share your visual time. Where does your time go? How can you take back YOUR calendar?
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