Additional Resources for you to Explore
Groping-around----To grope is to search in a disorganized way
Coining the word Pivot----- To coin means to create
Crisply----- 'Crisp' is the state of being fresh and sharp
I kid you not--'to kid' is to joke (an expression to signal that something is surprizing)
The start-up vernacular---the common words associated with 'start-ups'
Boot-up----- 'to boot up' is to start a computer, similar to putting your boots on.
Run-into----to meet someone or something without planning it.
Over and over again---to repeat over and over
Start-out----to begin
Shrink-it-down----to shrink is to make smaller (encoger)
So show-up----'to attend' for example a meeting
It tips------ 'the tipping point' is the point when something begins to move exponentially 
Anything at all--- anything
Zoom-in---- to zoom is to focus in minute detail
The name of the game---- To describe the concept Slide---(Diapositiva)