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Facebook Supports 360 Pictures Uploads

The first news about 360 shots is that you can now share them on Facebook. What that means is that your 360 camera is not enclosed to your device anymore. Anybody can see it now. When it is uploaded to Facebook, the social network allows any user to see it from the web browser.

The new ability of Facebook has even encouraged the development of virtual 360 tours. Of course, despite the fake 360 shots may be interesting, when using a 360 camera the effect is simply amazing!

Most Smartphones Support 360 Shots

You don’t need a 360 camera to take a 360 shot. Most smartphones support 360 pictures, and if they don’t, there is an App that creates the magic. If you haven’t noticed, the function to take panoramic shots has been there for over ten years, and the principle they use for the 360 picture is the same. That ability allows everyone to take a 360 shot, and now that it is shareable, it is a trend.

However, a shot taken by a smartphone cannot compete with the quality of a picture taken by a real 360 camera. A smartphone to take 360 pictures is a good start, and you can have fun with some tests through your mobile device. Once you fall in love with it, next thing you will need is a 360 camera.

Virtual Reality

Another application that is making 360 cameras more attractive is Virtual Reality. New devices have released various gears to take you to a virtual world. They are compatible with 360 shots.

The appeal of a VR device is how a 360 camera can capture a place, and you can virtually walk there. Turning your head naturally and seeing any and every angle is an indescribable sensation. The camera freezes time to let you walk through a memory. Soon the hard thing will be to know when something is real and when it is just part of the newest and trendiest tech gear, such as the 360 cameras.