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Success essay, 250 words minimumAt the end of the video, Taika expresses that his definition of success is not money. Communicating and sharing ideas is success. Simply being on earth is success. How do you feel about this definition about success? Can money be a form of success? Thinking about creativity, why can sharing ideas be a form of success? Do you personally have any other ideas of success?
Think of an important aspect of your life- something that you feel defines who you are. Create a picture collage, either on paper or PowerPoint, which represents this part of your life through your eyes. Show your creativity and make sure the collage is neat and presentable.Write a short, 3-5 sentence paragraph of why this is important to you.Minimum is 10 images. You may use pictures from the internet, pictures you have taken, or drawings that you have created to complete this assignment. You may use text quotes in the collage.