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This is fun, watch it!  What if our trash followed us?

What do we throw out and is there potential for art in all of this mess?  This "art-icle" shows a very unique collection of items that have been thrown away!  Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Collection in a New York Sanitation Garage. This article:  These artists turn ocean trash into really classy art,  highlights a collection of trash from the ocean that has been made into art.  How would this be a great way to bring light to the issue of ocean pollution?  Take a look at this photo-essay and consider the evidence...Washed Ashore: From Beach Trash to Ocean Art.

Interested in some TED Talks about Trash?  Take a look at these!
What I discovered in New York City trash.
Turning trash into toys for learning. 

Two more great resources ton ponder are this podcast from the Smithsonian Magazine:  Podcast: What Our Garbage Can Teach Us.  and this quick Minute Earth video:  Garbage Doesn't Lie.

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