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Neuroplasticity is a word used to describe the way that your brain changes in response to experience, environment or trauma.

The brain is a muscle, and it gets stronger with use. Our brains, contrary to what we previously believed, change. For example, even if we learn a foreign language in old age, we can build new neural pathways at the same rate as younger learners.

We become, then, what we do. While some may have "talent" in a particular area, talent is not as good a predictor of success as a willingness to work. That training, that ability to fail and then keep working, shows "grit," and it is the greatest determiner of success.

Please look at the following:
If you have a positive growth mindset, then you understand that failure is an essential step towards success. You will keep working.

You do not have to be "perfect." There is no "perfect." You are training your brain to become more, and better, and every minute that you work on a skill, your brain changes.