Additional Resources for you to Explore
1. Visit
(The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Washington).

2. Read the website's introductory information about Flipping the Classroom.

3. Explore at least one of the website's links to additional resources.

4. Post a review of one resource in the DISCUSS section of this Ted Ed lesson.

Options for Flipping This Presentation (During Workshop Time)

1. Discussing the Flipped Classroom (Benefits, Challenges, Strategies, etc.)
Before Class:
The TED Ed lesson is completed.
During Class: Students generate ideas (using listing, branching, & annotation strategies).
After Class: Photos of in-class group work (w/ instructor feedback) are posted online. Related follow-up activities are completed.

2. Developing Flipped Classroom Materials (This Suggestion: From Chaffey College’s Faculty Success Center Seminar (facilitated by Cindy Walker))

Before Class: Students review resources in preparation for workshop time. (Resource chart:
During Class: Students practice using selected resources. They assist each other in the collaborative learning environment. The facilitator guides the session, answers questions, and provides individualized feedback.
After Class: Students continue developing their materials.
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Post your review here. Include a. What is the title and url for this resource? b.Do you recommend this resource to other college educators? Why and/or why not? c. Other Comments
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Please consider continuing today's workshop discussions and/or introducing related topics here.
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