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These are my notes based on Full Range Leadership by Avolio, 2011 Chapter 6:

Make constituents feel important & Valued.

They make you see the significance behind what is being done.

They get you to be accountable and own the project/task.

Sacrifice: Make the hard decisions, do the tasks/projects other avoid, Give up their own self-interest for the group.

Idealized Influence: role model (Ethical), put others needs first, act based on principles, aligned with purpose & group wants to emulate you & Trustworthy because of sacrifices, willing to be vulnerable.

Inspiration & Motivation:  Persuade, motivate, explain the why, and provide challenges

Intellectual Stimulating: Get constituents to think, change their paradigms, visualize & brainstorm, make it safe to share ideas & be creative (new ideas).

Individual Consideration:  Coaches constituents, responds quick, is available, know what each wants, needs, their capability and customize tasks/projects based on individual.

*Help them improve & develop into leaders by creating new roles for them/projects.
* Has a development plan for each person and interacts in a personalized way where each person they remember their key interests/needs/wants.


Try to use"> to create a system to help organize your attempts to provide individualized consideration for at least one person.

I suggest creating a padlet and creating a sticky note and starting your own template to help you get to know your team better. For example, I might want to include such statements to fill out like.... Goals, Key Needs, Key Strengths, Areas of concern brought up by them....  Here is the link:

Here's a link to one that I created that could be used by a teacher to help them get to know their students better: