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You may not see a kund unless you travel to India, but water harvesting happens closer to home, too, using things like rain barrels. Investigate commercially-available water harvesting devices, and host a design competition for new solutions. Humans aren’t the only organisms who need to harvest water to survive; a variety of plants and animal species have evolved ingenious ways to capture and store water where it’s scarce. Research examples like the Namibian fog-basking beetle, the Australian mulga tree, and kangaroo rats. Do they suggest any interesting applications for humankind? Biomimicry is the practice of “taking a page” from nature in order to solve human problems. Learn more about it by watching the TED talk “Janine Benyus: Biomimicry in action” at BBC News: The technology of saving India’s precious water supply (09/12/2011) India’s Centre for Science and Environment: Community-based Water Management Initiatives
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