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Integrating Language and Culture Instruction Online

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Being able to communicate effectively requires more than being able to read, write, speak and understand another language. It also requires sensitivity to the culture to which the language belongs. Technology can provides authentic opportunities for cross-cultural learning.  

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Additional Resources for you to Explore

- CULTR: The Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research focuses its efforts on the teaching and learning of languages as connected to cultures in urban areas. There is a helpful Resource Center link on the website for educators.

- COERLL: The University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning’s site leads instructors in lessons related to the connection between language and culture proficiency through web-based approaches to learning about language and culture.
- NCLRC: Chapter 9 of the National Capital Language Resource Center’s Teaching World Languages, A Practical Guide discusses the Culture standard with assessments, materials, activities, plus teaching and learning strategies.

- OpenCulture: This website brings together a variety of online resources for language and culture learning, broken down by language.

- PErCOLATE: The Professional Development for College Foreign Language Teachers project, associated with the University of Arizona’s Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy, provides professional development and online resources related to teaching languages and cultures through a multiliteracies approach.

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