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Come with us to Sellafield, in the "active" area of its National Nuclear Laboratory. Get up close to uranium, plutonium, neptunium and americium.
Enriching uranium is a very hot and delicate topic. Learn from the professor and "Uranium Man" himself how enrichment works.
Watch Dr. Liddle strip down the oxide layer of uranium leaving one with what he calls, "naked uranium."
One of our team has made a significant breakthrough involving a uranium compound which acts as a molecular magnet, watch that very member explain the new magnetic uranium molecule!
Dr. Steve Liddle, a chemist at the University of Nottingham, has published an important paper about a new bond found with uranium. Check out Dr. Steve Liddle himself explain the paper!

For all the basics about uranium, check out the Visual Elements Periodic Table.
For amazing photos and facts about uranium, check out The Elements by Theodore Gray.
The uranium-based atomic bomb, which destroyed Hiroshima and the plutonium bomb, which destroyed Nagasaki in 1945, were the first and only uses of nuclear weapons in war to date. Hopefully we are smart enough to avoid using such weapons again.
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What are the benefits and limitations to using nuclear fission reactions as a way to obtain energy?
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