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Now that you have an understanding of what a digital dossier is, and how it can be formed, it's time to take a look at your own digital dossier. Start this digital investigation by Googling yourself. Conduct both an web and an image search of your first and last name. Be prepared to share your findings in the next section of this lesson. 
Remember that you can control your digital dossier but that other people can contribute to it as well. The next time you post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. remember that you are making a digital mark that is permanent. Think carefully about the type of digital dossier you want to create. 
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Burlington, MA, United States
In Andy's story, his parents, family, and friends all contributed to his digital dossier before he had the chance to independently create it for himself. What are your thoughts about this? Should Andy have the right to create his digital identify or is it ok that it is being created for him? What are the pros and cons of this being done for him?
11/12/2015 • 
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Share what you have discovered about your digital dossier after Googling yourself. Were the results of this digital self-investigation impressive? Surprising? Are there things about your digital identity you want to change? If yes, what can you do to make these changes?
12/31/2015 • 
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What are the ramifications of a negative digital dossier? How could this affect your future? What would a college admissions officer or future employer think of your digital dossier?
12/31/2015 • 
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