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Here are some interesting resources to look into when thinking about the fictional world of Game of Thrones: 

about the geology of the continent of Westeros in the Game of Thrones universe. Stanford researchers have used descriptions of the books and their own knowledge of Earth geology to theorize about how the geological formations of Westeros were created.

Greek Fire was an amazing fire weapon that could burn on water. This weapon helped the Byzantine Empire to defend its capital city Constantinople. Greek Fire was so important to the Byzantines that the recipe was closely guarded. In fact, it was so closely guarded that it has been lost.

Earth's seasons are caused by the tilt of its axis. Learn more about this phenomenon from the United States Naval Observatory.

TED-Ed already has great lesson about why the seasons change. View that lesson here.

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Joe covered a lot of the phenomena of Game of Thrones. What other phenomenon if any, would you like to explore the science of further?
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