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I was identified with ADHD at an early age. Of course that meant that a prescription for some behaviour altering medication followed. I'll never forget what my mom told the doctor and school.

She said, "Keep him busy, let him move around once in a while, and he'll be fine." 

To this day. I have a soft spot in my pedagogy for the fidgets in my classroom. I want them to develop ways to engage on their terms. If that means allowing doodling, moving around, planned mental health breaks during lesson, learning out of our seats, and engaging interaction then all the better for them and me.

Knowing this has provided me 7 of the most amazing years a fidgety teacher could ask for.

Thanks mom for not letting the system dull me with drugs

p.s. You should see me at a staff meeting sometime.
Lesson Creator
Markham, Ontario, Canada
The benefits of fidgeting were shared, in the video, as they relate to boys with ADHD. It shared that letting off a little nervous energy improved memory. Do you think that fidgeting benefits others too? How about you? As a constant mover. I can attest to its benefits. Share some experiences from your learning space.
11/07/2015 • 
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