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Can believe what you just heard and watched? How cool is that?  Want to see another description of this process? Watch this PBS video about the tiny Rana sylvatica! Need another view? Watch this one! Now, read the science behind all of this amazing nature in this article, "Antifreeze-Like Blood Lets Frogs Freeze and Thaw With Winter's Whims."  

What other animals can tolerate winter's extreme cold? Read these articles, Animal Cold Hardiness, and Supercooling and Freezing Tolerant Animals.

What other organisms can survive extremely cold temperatures? How about the octopus? Read,"Blue Blood Helps Octopus Survive Brutally Cold Temperatures." Wondering, "How do marine mammals avoid freezing to death?" take a look and find out!

Ever think about what happens to insects in the winter?  How about the woolly bear caterpillar in the Arctic?  Butterflies, flies, ladybugs--Where do they go in the winter? Read, "Insects survive the winter through a trick right out of science fiction."
Need a good book on this topic?  go to the library and check out, Winter World: the Ingenuity of Animal Survival, by University of Vermont professor, Bernd Heinrich.