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Take a look at What is Democracy? to learn about the main elements and principles of a democratic government. Also don't forget to understand democracy through the lens of history which will provide more context for its present day form. Start with democracy in Ancient Greece, then The Magna Carta and its importance to democracy. Lastly, consider reading about Rousseau's idea of the General Will of the people.

Democracy is only one form of government. Want to explore other forms of government that have existed? Read about types of governments from anarchy to theocracy here from LiveScience. Here is a great resource from Scholastic to understand some of the relationships amongst political institutions and their functions.

Democracy stays strong because of the poeple. It is the responsibility of each and every person within it to work to ensure its success. This is done by active particiapation by being a part of the government, holding the government accountable and voting.  These freedoms are there for all people and make a people free.