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What TED-Ed lesson where knives are being discussed would be complete without a humorous take on knife safety from the Simpsons?

For all of the parents, lawyers, and actuaries out there, and in the interest of safety, here is an article with quick tips about pocket knife safety.

What about Play? Stuart Brown's 2008 TED Talk, "Play is more than just fun" definitely supports a child's need to play. 

This 2016 UK article speaks volumes about Tulley's premise: Young children experience 'risky' play using saws, hammers and mallets

Tulley mentioned how our brains are wired to throw things. Here is a scholarly article in support of this by Richard W Young: Evolution of the human hand: the role of throwing and clubbing

In case you wanted to know where you can legally drive at an early age: USA, Europe, Rest of the World
After watching this talk, I was slightly relieved to look back and know that I managed to do 5 out of 5.5 of these things. Although, I am sure I recorded a piece of music to a cassette and then to another in violation of the DMCA. Regardless, the joy from all of the cuts, bumps and bruises was only outweighed by the freedom and confidence that came along with earning them. As kids we were allowed to roam and make decisions without the need for constant consultation. We made mistakes, paid for them, and learned each time. 

In my role as parent, it was important to allow as much latitude to my own child as was possible --with the addition of catching a few snakes and spiders. I hope that it will be a tradition carried on in many homes long after I'm gone. 
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Markham, Ontario, Canada
This seems like something out of a Goldilocks redux, but there are pendulum swings each way when it comes to safe play and preserving our children's wildhoods. What do you think? Is there room for more hands on learning, bruising, and occasional cuts in education? Make your stand that kids need to take risks or be bubblewrapped.
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