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For more information about flerovium and livermorium, check out this video by the team at the Periodic Table of Videos. While you're at it, here's a video about two new elements.
For more info on ununhexium, check out this video.
For awesome information about super heavy elements, check out this video filmed by the periodicvideos team in Darmstadt.
For all the basics about livermorium, check out the Visual Elements Periodic Table.
For all the cool facts by livermorium, check out The Elements by Theodore Gray.
Ununhexium (Uuh) was the temporary IUPAC systematic name for element 116, but historically it is known as eka-polonium following Mendeleev’s way of naming predicted elements.
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What do you consider to be the funniest name in the periodic table? And the strangest one?
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