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"The number one abuse of human rights on Earth ... is the abuse of women and girls.ā€ Groups such as Amnesty International list this issue as being a cornerstone of human rights worldwide.

"The Southern Baptist Convention, in the year 2000, decided that women should play a secondary position, or a subservient position, to men. So they issued an edict, in effect, that prevents women from being priests, pastors, deacons in the church, or chaplains in the military." Here is the official position of the Southern Baptist Convention.

"About one out of four girls who enter American universities will be sexually assaulted before she graduates." According to a White House task force on the issue, it may actually be one in five girls.

"Eighty-nine universities in America are now condemned by the Department of Education under Title IX because the officials of the universities are not taking care of the women to protect them from sexual assault." By the Huffington Post's count, as of April 2015, 106 colleges are under federal investigation under Title IX.

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