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In class we started off watching the first hour and twenty minutes of "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" (which can be found here: Brother Sun, Sister Moon). In this movie we see the story of a man who has become disillusioned with what the world had been telling him. Francis has discovered that wealth; women, glory (through war) and partying are not providing him with any kind of peace or lasting happiness. He then begins to experience what we in the theological world call, "metanoia", a transformation of spirit. Francis then begins to see the world through a new lens. A lens shaped by Jesus and the gospels. For a better understanding of Francis, please read the following article: Rich Man, Poor Man.

"We then watched a 20 minute clip from "The Matrix" (from the 25 minute mark to the 44:46 mark. The film can be viewed here: The Matrix). In addition, you have now watched Plato's "Allegory of the Cave". What is the link between "The Matrix" and Plato's "Cave"? For more information on "The Matrix" please read the following link: Matrix Meaning. Where exactly are we headed here? The last clip that I would like you to watch is a well-known song by Mumford and Sons entitled, shockingly enough, "The Cave". You can find the song with the lyrics by using the following link, The Cave.

What is this song about? Many people have created various interpretations of what this song truly is about but the interpretation I find most satisfying is by author Allen O'Brien. Please read his short explanation of "The Cave" here: Song Interpretation. After reading the songs interpretation, I am hoping that you are beginning to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

What do Francis, Plato's "Cave" and Mumford and Sons have in common? They all question their perceived reality in hope of discovering authentic "truth". For more videos on the above listed topics, please visit my "YouTube" playlist that can be found here: All the videos in one playlist that are discussed in the "Dig Deeper" section.

Awake your soul!

What role does seeking the “Truth” have when it comes to faith, spirituality and religious conversion? Can we be in “The Cave” spiritually? How is your search for “Truth”? Does it have an impact on how you live your life (and spiritual life)?

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Discuss St. Francis' "Truths" previous to his conversion and post conversion.

What are the things that St. Francis held to before his conversion? What are his post conversion "Truths"?