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You can download Robert Lang’s TreeMaker software for free from his web site at Experiment with the software to develop an original origami pattern. Share the patterns and—if you’re feeling adventurous—challenge your classmates to follow the patterns and fold up the actual objects!

Origami is just one of many art forms involving paper. Explore other paper art, and curate a collection of the pieces you like best. Identify a theme or thread that connects the pieces in your collection (beyond the fact that all of them are made out of paper). Good resources include:

TED Talk: Béatrice Coron’s TED Talk, “Stories cut from paper”

Smashing Magazine’s “The Beauty of Paper Art”

WebUrbanist’s “15 of the World’s Most Creative Paper Artists” at

Web Designer Depot’s “100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art”

Robert J. Lang Origami

PBS Independent Lens: Between the Folds

Origami USA: Origami by Children

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