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Research one of the following "post-1865" topics. I've linked each to a wikipedia article as a place to start. Respond to questions #4, #5 and #6 in the "Think" section with your research results in mind.

"Post-1865" Topics:

Antimatter - Atomic Clocks - Atomic Structure - Atomic Weapons - Big Bang - Black Holes - Chaos Theory - Diodes - Electron Microscopy - Expansion of the Universe - General Relativity - GPS - Gravitational Lensing - Higgs Boson - LASERs - MRI Scanning - Nanotechnology - Photons - Quantum Mechanics - Quarks - Special Relativity - Star Formation - String Theory - Transistors - Weak & Strong Nuclear Force

The video claims that Physics courses omit many important topics. Are there any other high school subjects that you feel omit important topics?

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