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We are thrilled that you would like to start a TED-Ed Club in your school or community. Both teachers and students are welcome to apply, but all clubs must have an adult leader involved.

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Do you plan on facilitating your TED-Ed Club as an activity outside of the classroom (Ex. as an after school, early morning, or lunch-time club) or as classroom curriculum? *
Do you plan to meet with multiple groups? (Ex. You are combining the TED-Ed Club format into course curriculum over multiple class periods.) *
Estimate the size of the group(s) you plan to meet with. (A group cannot exceed 50 members. If you will have more than 50 members in one group, an additional facilitator will need to apply to start a TED-Ed Club as well.) *
How did you hear about TED-Ed Clubs?

Why are you excited about starting a TED-Ed Club? *
Imagine you've facilitated a TED-Ed Club for three months. What does success look like? *
Are you involved in any other clubs or extracurricular activities at your school? If so, tell us about them. *
Feel free to add any additional notes about yourself, your organization, and/or how you envision TED-Ed Clubs to work in your setting!

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